Fish Weights:
Specimen fish, which must be caught in Association waters and be alive, may be weighed in by any Committee Member or authorised Bailiff of the Association, save that where the captor is authorised to weigh in, two witnesses are required. Details should be forwarded to the Head Bailiff, who will arrange for them to be recorded.
 Barbel  10 lbs
 Bream  9 lbs
 Carp  15 lbs                               
 Chub                                 5 lbs
 Dace  8 oz
 Eel  2 lbs
 Perch  2 lb 8 oz
 Pike  20 lbs
 Roach  1 lb 8 oz
 Rudd  1 lbs
 Tench  6 lbs

Guest Tickets:
Guest tickets are not available to the general public. These tickets can be purchased by members who will be asked to give their name and membership number at the front of this book. Members must accompany their guests when fishing and ensure they are fully acquainted with the association rules. Guest tickets are available for all waters. Guest tickets cannot be purchased on the bank. Guest tickets prices are still the same at 5 and start from the date on the ticket and are valid for 24 hours.

Milton Keynes Angling Association (MKAA) Affiliation:
Newport Pagnell Fishing Association is affiliated to the MKAA. This means (amongst other things) our members are entitled to cheaper rate books than the general public.

Prices for 2016-2017 are listed below:

2 rodsPriceSaving
 Adults  35 8
 OAP's  23 5
 Registered Disabled            23             5             
 Junior  10 -

3 rodsPriceSaving
 Adults  46 10
 OAP's  35 4
 Registered Disabled            35             4             
 Junior  35 4

Affiliated books can now be bought from local tackle shops. Please see the list of "Tackle Shops", from the Top Menu. You will need to produce your NPFA book and you will also need to show your EA rod licence(s).

For further information on the MKAA, please check out the MKAA website below: